Liam and you may Celia will be twins out-of Buffy Summers and you can Angel

jeremy is within the auto with his mothers elena after they crash. the guy do deal with the loss of his moms and dads by dropping towards the medicines liquor and you may worthless sex with people the guy will not care about. they are running his suffering for the unhealthy habits.

jeremy isn’t outside of the pantry when it comes to becoming bisexual. it takes him the second to help you acknowledge he is drawn to boys together with gals. if/whenever they are into the a romance that have one – specifically during the high school – the guy does not want are personal about any of it. after he is away it’s yet another facts.

Name: Liam Henry Valentine Celia Anne Valenine Moniker(s): nothing Birth Big date: Summer twenty two, 1999 Gender: cismale (he/him) cisfemale (she/her) Orientation: bisexual both Occupation: high school senior, Celia is actually good slayer Deal with Allege: Alex Fitzalan Carlson Younger

as i perform rp jeremy due to the fact a hunter person in the new brotherhood of four, i do not rp your perishing to help you wake up silas (perhaps not one hundred%). we rp your which have vampire blood in his program whenever katherine nourishes your to silas so the guy will get good vampire. i really don’t know but really whoever bloodstream is actually their program when he was became.

Liam Celia Valentine

Species: dhampir Experiences: Liam has got the earliest efficiency off a good vampire Celia because combination performance from an effective vampire a great slayer since it is the lady fate become good slayer.

Devised with the Buffy’s 17th birthday, an equivalent night Angel missing his soul from inside the a moment off pure joy. A couple of months afterwards, prior to Buffy got forfeited Angel to put Acathla back to his sleep county, she realized she was two and a half days expecting. Shortly after she murdered angel and you can ran away to la she would educated an entire identity pregnancy that have twins. She’d viewed pieces of Angel both in of these whenever she kept him or her during the health. understanding she was not ready to end up being a mom, and you will starting to learn to maintain by herself. the mother and father one to used the brand new twins understood the supernatural business lived, that they had recognized the girl previous watcher, merrick, and you may was indeed trying to has actually babies. the couple unsuccessful and you can was informed it wouldn’t be able to possess children of one’s own, so they really adopted buffy’s twins. buffy got made one demand once they agreed to embrace the new twins, buffy got to give them labels. she’d questioned these would-be the girl merely possibility to possess college students. buffy never consider she would actually ever alive long enough to visit university, let-alone ever before have the opportunity so you can elizabeth the youngsters she’d invented with her first love. She called brand new child Liam, after Angel, and you will she titled the woman Celia, after the cousin she’d watched perish when she is a young child. the valentine’s day offered to the women’s demand, permitting her name the youngsters. it know the fresh new tales of your own slayer, exactly how brief does silverdaddy work its life fundamentally is actually, it desired this lady to have some link with the youngsters she was quitting for adoption.

Increasing right up in the Los angeles, Liam and you may Celia was indeed alongside its adoptive parents, not once you understand when they were more youthful which they had been accompanied. The fresh new Romantic days celebration leftover that they adopted new twins a secret of her or him, telling group up to them never to allow twins see. One because of their very own shelter these people were better off unsure that they had been followed. They realized if Liam and you can Celia revealed which they was in fact then followed, they’d go searching due to their physical parents, and that would place them in peril. This new Valentine’s day as well as leftover a close eye on one another people, as the children from a great vampire, observe exactly what they might have the ability to.