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And while In addition agree totally that 2 Nephi 31 was thematically related to step 1 Nephi 8, this will support the reading “straight and narrow” on condition that you to definitely comes after the brand new personal emendation of strait(ness) to help you straight(ness) in two Nephi 30:9, 18–20

The newest leading disagreement ‘s the relatively blatant redundancy off “strait and you will narrow.” Support is also removed from other scriptural verses said to allude so you’re able to Lehi’s dream or to end up being thematically connected with it. The most significant of those most other verses try Nephi’s plea one to the father “build my highway upright before me personally” in 2 Nephi 4:33; Jacob’s report in two Nephi nine:41 one to “how to own son was slim, it lieth in the a straight direction in advance of your”; and you can Nephi’s recommendations into the “straightness of street” plus the “straight and you will slim path” (centered on an enthusiastic emended reading of one’s text message) in 2 Nephi 29:9, 18–19.

Regarding Nephi’s plea so you’re able to “make my highway straight” in 2 Nephi cuatro:33, the new thematic relationship to the road during the Lehi’s fantasy was doubtful

[Web page 277] In the 2003 blog post, Hoskisson suggests that new seemingly redundant statement “strait and you can slim” possess a precise comparable in the Hebrew Bible, in which the synonymous and alliterative roots s?wr/s?rr “confine, be restricted, narrow” and s?wq “constrain, bring into straits” are conjoined in some passages. 17 For example, Isaiah 30:6, according to at least one it is possible to leaving, describes a “strait and you can thin residential property.” Terminology because of these origins are also conjoined within the Psalm and you can Job . You’ll be able that Lehi, under dictate of Hebrew literary lifestyle, made use of the exact same conjoined few within his description of one’s road ultimately causing the fresh new tree off lifestyle. 18 (It will be possible that Nephi, just who typed inside the Egyptian, based on 1 Nephi step 1:2, made which terminology in the own list using equivalent Egyptian terms and conditions. Regarding old Egyptian Story of your own Eloquent Peasant, such as for example, a road was also known as are “thin and not wide.” 19 ) Meant for Hoskisson’s tip, almost every other apparently redundant sentences exists not merely essentially regarding the Book off Mormon, however, especially in mention of the elements of Lehi’s fantasy inside step 1 Nephi 8. Including, mention the latest phrases “large and you will large profession” (1 Nephi 8:nine, 20) and you will “higher and you can large strengthening” (step one Nephi 8:26–27). 20 It is difficult knowing as to the reasons the expression “strait and slim street” might possibly be any more objectionable than simply these types of. Actually, brand new thickness of these other sentences describing size, inside the mention of elements of the same fantasy, as an alternative lead that expect the newest redundant terminology explaining the width of one’s road.

Additional textual verses appear to quoted meant for the fresh studying “straight and slim” appear to me quicker convincing than that it clear [Web page 278] facts throughout the Hebrew background plus the instantaneous context. Every one of these verses, on the closer test, ends up to support this new discovering “upright and you may narrow roadway” simply weakly, whenever. Brand new Hebraic terms “and make a road straight” (pinnah derek; see Isaiah forty:3; ; ; Malachi step three:1) relates to clearing obstacles out from the road and not to help you rendering a route less rounded; therefore it is part of another kind of photographs compared to the straight roadway or way from inside the passages including 2 Nephi nine:41. 21 For dos Nephi 9:41, the thematic link with the trail in the Lehi’s dream appears almost certainly; yet Jacob’s artwork right here, with a gate while the presence of one’s Holy One away from Israel because gatekeeper, seems a bit distinct from the new surroundings inside the tree out of lives into the Lehi’s fantasy. An effective “upright path” is to be questioned during the a built environment, but not into the mountainous surface particularly Lehi’s description suggests. Most other verses that are at the mercy of similar considerations. And so i are nevertheless confident by Hoskisson’s conflict that highway inside Lehi’s fantasy are “strait and you may thin,” maybe not “upright and you can thin.”